School Profile

Pope Memorial Elementary School is located at the far eastern end of ETSB and draws its students from Bury, Island Brook, Scotstown, Bishopton, Weedon and other surrounding areas. The majority of our students are English mother tongue. Our school population has declined slightly in the past year.


Situated on land donated by the Pope family, Pope Memorial is bordered on the east by Pope Pond and on the west by Pen-Y-Bryn Golf Course. The one story school has eight classrooms, a library, resource room, meeting room, kitchen and a gym that doubles as a cafeteria. Recently, half the yard entrance to the school was repaired with crushed rock. The large maple tree landmark at the side of the school had to be cut down as a safety precaution. There is a playground at the back and side of the school complete with a soccer field and a variety of regular playground apparatuses for the children.

Student Enrolment: 69 including 4 year olds

Number of Staff: 15 (4 full-time,11 part-time)